Welcome to the Gloucester Cattle Society

Gloucester cattle are strikingly beautiful and ideal for parkland and conservation management. They fit well into an extensive system and providing the land drains well and they have some shelter, they will thrive if out wintered, growing a good protective coat.

Docile and amenable, Gloucester’s respond well to individual care. A flat lactation curve, gives an even production of milk for up to 300 days. This is kind to their udders and helps their longevity, for which they are renowned, breeding for 12 to 15 years. Gloucester’s also take well to hand-milking and make ideal house cows.

Welcome to our online resource, here you can discover why we believe the Gloucester is a breed worth preserving and promoting. If you have any questions about our cattle, or society or just to see what we are up to; join our forum.

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A Stockmans Delight

Gloucesters are a joy to keep to see them lying peacefully on a fine summer evening with the sun shining on their lusterous black-brown coats, or standing with white tails swishing and thriving calfs alongside is a stockman’s delight hard to match.

The Gloucester breed is strikingly beautiful. The body is black-brown with black head and legs. A white stripe passes down the back, continues over the tail and down over the udder, covering the belly. Mid-length, up-sweeping horns, are white tipped with black.

The Advantages of a Gloucester

The Gloucester is one of our rarest and oldest native cattle breeds. Traditionally a dairy cow, it has earned the reputation as a truly dual purpose animal, producing both high quality beef and milk from poorer quality grazing. Easy calving, docile and naturally good mothers, they are commercially viable in all situations.